What rough beast slouches toward Utah? Part two.

My friend wrote late last night "And thusly...the veil descends". Inauguration day. The day our lives inevitably change. Of course, they've been changing for a while now, we in our smugness thought that everyone else was doing just fine too. But there, right beneath our noses, in full view in the brightest daylight lurked a shadow that grew in terrifying proportion to our ignorance. The chains have been burst asunder and the beast now ranges over the land snarling and devouring everything in its path. There is no stopping it except for putting an arrow into its heart. As countless mythologemes repeat, to kill the beast you must pierce its heart. Its heart is the organ which gives it life, which sucks life from the masses, from the masses of immature psyches who live mired in sloppy shadow. As I have just been reminded on my phone as I write this "The Constitution is not by itself an insuperable barrier against the authoritarian temptation" (NYer). The authoritarian temptation. The bruised and rampaging ego come home to roost. The history of small slights exaggerated beyond all proportion and loosed on the earth. These are not the ramblings of an hyperbolic. These are the intentional words and rhetoric of a writer who is seeking ways to burst the hyper-rational delusional barrier that keeps us from confronting this monstrosity, this beast. We do not take this seriously enough. I write so I will continue to write. But I am a capable man and will also fight vigorously too, if the need become corporeal. This is a black day. This is the day of wars and darkness. As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death....

There is no need to console ourselves yet. There is no need to find positives in this mire. What has happened is the precipice of the bleakest outcome in the history of the republic. Republicanism itself is at stake, much less democracy which has never been popular on these shores. At least republicanism presented some kind of check to the "authoritarian temptation" hitherto now. Presently, a mad man has attained the reigns of high office while cowing everyone with fucking tweets (the service should be banished along with every form of so called 'social media' which has been the actual scourge on our country), after receiving just enough votes in the right places in a tainted election. 

In this time of rending, of psychic hegira, we need evermore to be transmuted into our inmost selves, to transform into our best aspects, to invoke the hero quest which is the shibboleth of different times than ours; ours (note that word's etymology) is a time of dispersion and ineffectual turning away, of too much philosophy and science. What use is rational discursive thought when the world is being ripped apart? No, we go down, descend into the abyss to retrieve what was lost. What was lost? That too is part of the journey; we must find that out for ourselves along the way.