What rough beast slouches toward Utah? Part one.

I have the sense that not only my personal psyche might be careening toward something (or perhaps toward Nothing), but that the collective soul is as well. I cannot read the papers without feeling a profound sense of dread, there is nothing else to describe it. Dread in a multiform, multivarious phenomenological sense. This dread is associated with a deep sound reminiscent of Tibetan chanting (something I must have picked up from the movies because I've never heard it in person), with big emotion. There is only darkness and where there might be light is diffused chromatic tone. 

Why do men wish to take away the protections of the monuments? Why do men wish to destroy the world? On a day when the papers announce that 2016 was the hottest year on record, that it was the third year in a row with such a distinction, and that 16 of the 17 hottest years have happened in the past 16, we read that the new administration is looking to roll back environmental protections for vast stretches of the country with the redrock wilderness being the litmus test for such action. Why must we fight for this? Why must we fight to live? I don't want to die. I don't want my home to die. Among other places, the redrock desert is my home.

"Resource extraction", "recreational usage" are two ways of saying the same thing: destruction. Would you ride a mountain bike, an "ATV", or a Jeep through your living room? Would you rip your house apart if there was even a remote chance to find a few thousand dollars buried beneath it? There are no resources but our shared memory. There are no resources but our shared dignity. There are no resources but our love for each other. These are not mere words. My love for you is worth more than oil. My love for you is worth more than all the natural gas buried in the earth. My love for you is worth more than the sum of all the fossil fuels of the earth combined. But this is our curse: that in this current phase of our conscious development, call it Mental/Rational for the sake of argument (see Gebser), is assuring our mutual destruction. We are killing ourselves.

Let me say these words before I cannot: 

I don't hate myself.

I don't hate others.

I don't hate the earth.

I don't hate the cosmos.

I don't project a hate I don't have onto the earth.

If men wish to kill the earth and others with their projections of adolescent hatreds and filial pieties, they do not enjoy the right to do so whether or not it is found to be ultimately legal.

There will be a fight.

This is my home; this is our home.